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Connecting with Your Customer Is Just the Start.

Whether in-store, online, or via mobile, you have limited time to get them to shop, select and pay for your products or services. That’s where our custom-built ecosystem comes in. We offer tools for billing and payment processing, increasing engagement, collecting data to encourage repeat purchase and maintain loyalty, and so much more. In essence, our system can help enhance all aspects of running your business.

Running a small business takes a lot of work and, sometimes, it all comes down to you. That’s where we come in. In-store, online, mobile… whenever you have a customer ready to purchase, we work to simplify payments, securely, while enhancing their experience so they’ll come back, again and again. Essentially, our system handles the aspect of your small business that matters the most: getting paid.

Enterprise Products & Services

B2B E-Commerce

Your customers aren’t just looking for convenience, they’re looking for a commitment. To better navigate the payments landscape, Priority offers flexible and customizable business applications that help manage critical work, processing and payment functions – while optimizing revenue and performance – for a superior customer relationship.


B2C E-Commerce

For your consumers, Priority offers effortless payment options. For you, Priority offers an entire ecosystem of payment processing tools to streamline your transactions, securely acquire more consumer data, and increase your reach and revenue.



When your business is everywhere, you know it all has to come together seamlessly. In addition to Priority’s payment and transactional capabilities, we offer the tools you need to handle inventory, back office management, tracking and more.


When it comes to handling transactions in-store, you want to be able to process payments effectively and efficiently. To do this, Priority offers you the ability to accept multiple payment types via a suite of products and a number of terminal solutions.



There are many ways your customers may prefer to pay. So, Priority offers you the ability to accept a number of payment options, simply and securely. Now, you can focus on making your customers happy while we help you make your business grow.


Personal Services

Whether you refer them as customers or clients, they count on you to get the job done. So Priority has a number of ways for you to process payments, quickly and securely, so you don’t have to worry about interrupting the appointment.

Professional Services

When you’re working with a variety of clients, you want to work fast and flexibly. Priority helps you accept multiple payment options, no matter where you are. This way, you can spend less time processing and more time getting down to business.


Grocery, C-Store, Market

When you have customers at the checkout line, accepting payments should be fast and easy. At the register, at the counter, even in the aisle, we offer you payment solutions that are simple, secure and really worth checking out.


Restaurant, Food, Quick Service

Your customers either had or are about to have some culinary delicacies… so your payment process shouldn’t leave a bad taste in their mouth. Priority has a number of ways for them to pay the check, quickly and easily. Bon Appetit!


Working with clients and patients requires a great deal of your attention and care. To assist, Priority offers you the tools you need to simplify their billing and the support your need to protect their privacy.


Real Estate

Whether you’re working with clients, tenants, or prospective buyers, you’re dealing with a substantial amount of information. So, Priority works with you to streamline invoices, process payments, and securely handle all aspects of your sale.

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