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Amplify Your Institution’s Operations

At Priority we understand that each relationship between a merchant and bank demands a high level of trust, dedication to security, and a staunch commitment to regulatory compliance. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to you and your business customers.

Through clear focus and conversation, Priority can develop a custom program that fits your financial institution’s greatest needs. Priority’s experienced FI team specializes in working with our network of Banks and Credit Unions to deliver ongoing training and sales support to create continued value for your customers and member-base.

Enterprise Products & Services

Merchant Services

Your business customers are looking for solutions to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. We help you help them with solutions that can keep them current and keep you irreplaceable.

Point of Sale

With an ever-expanding landscape of payment options, your business customers will need the tools to easily accept payments. Priority’s preferred point-of-sale solutions will help you get them set up and checking out in no time.

Software Solutions

To get your business customers open for business, we offer solutions that can help streamline payment processing, while reducing costs. Best of all, you can assist in establishing their brand, while increasing your profits.



In a connected world, your business customers are looking for more than a means of accepting payments – they’re looking for ways to grow their business. We have the tools and solutions to help you get them connected.


Credit Card Acceptance Solutions

Credit card technology is evolving, so your business customers will need assistance staying on top of the numerous ways people are trying to pay. We help you set them up with robust card solutions, so they can keep things moving.


Card Issuing

The needs of cardholders are ever-evolving, so we help in linking your cardholders to the best solutions for them, while helping you grow your portfolio and revenue.

Ready to get started?

Our experienced payment advisors specialize in working with businesses just like yours to create innovative solutions based on your specific needs.

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