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Inventory Management.
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MX™ Retail is a comprehensive solution for your business.

Customize inventory or stock with our specialized management tools. MX™ Retail will not only handle your point-of-sale needs, it also handles the back office management and inventory needs—from on-boarding to tracking and simple to complex inventory.


Keep all of your product information organized and in one easy-to-use location. With our product screens, you can add a product name, description, picture of the product, create your own tags, variants and options, organize your products with collections, and manage suppliers for quick ordering.


Keep track of your customers’ orders, making it easier for you to quickly locate the customers information and the status, whether it is fulfilled, unfulfilled, paid, and/or unpaid.


Manage your discounts in one simple view. Discounts can be tedious, but with MX™ Retail, they don’t have to be.


In reports you can view all of the taxes that you’ve collected through invoices, recurring contracts, and orders. Profitability reports are also available based on the cost and sale price for each product as well as quantity sold.

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